Music Lessons

  • Interactive Technology for Lessons!

    What an awesome week for interactive music learning tools!  My very favourite company for Piano Apps, Joy Tunes, released their new app called Piano Mania – Practice Game.









    You can download it here:

    Or read more about it here:

    I am recommending it to all my piano students!  It takes you through leveled exercises, learning the notes on the staff starting with middle C and all the way up to reading both hands.  And, as always, it works with a REAL piano!!

    And guitar players, I haven’t forgotten about you! I just discovered that my favourite company for Guitar Apps, Ovelin (check out Wild Chords if you haven’t already – has an online interactive guitar learning system!! It works with a REAL guitar through your computer’s built in mic, and makes learning chords and notes feel like you are playing a video game.  It’s easy to sign up, and you can play for free five minutes a day plus bonus time!

    Check it out at

    I’ve been playing it non-stop!

    Happy Practicing!