If you’re looking for a digital resource to celebrate Earth Day with children, “The 12 Hours of Earth Day” may be a great option! This digital song-based resource includes lyrics all about the natural world accompanied by beautiful visuals for each “hour” of Earth Day.

It targets sequencing, memory and listening skills while also improving literacy and numeracy. It was designed by a music therapist and is available for purchase now as an e-book – but you can print off the pages at home if you prefer.

It follows the melody of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” but can be simply read as a poem as well making it great for story time or music group. There’s an additional time telling element with a clock at the bottom of each page notating an hour of the day.

At the end of the song you’ll find a separate sequencing activity to cement learning plus a page for students to draw in their favourite part of nature. I like to create lyrics for their drawing and add it as another verse in the song.



I used it in a music therapy session today and my client loved it so much we ended up doing it 3 times in a row (at their request). I’ve never seen them focus on one activity for so long!

Great for home schooling, the classroom or therapy sessions this singable e-book will make Earth Day activities a breath of fresh air!