This is my version of Five Fat Turkeys which I adapted slightly to be a counting song from 5 -1.  Warning:  this song WILL get stuck in your head!

C            G              C

Five fat turkeys are we.

C                      G            C
We spent all night in a tree.

C                                    G                        C                  G
When the cook came around, only one could be found

C                   G               C
And that’s why we’re here you see!


Four fat turkeys are we… etc

Three fat turkeys are we….

Two fat turkeys are we….


One fat turkey, that’s me!

I hid all night in a tree

When the cook came around, I couldn’t be found

And that’s why you won’t eat me!


Music from:

I also teach the melody by rote to some of my piano students.

You can find a cute visual book to accompany the song (Free via Google Docs) from: