Music Therapy is the use of music and musical elements to address non-musical goals. No musical ability is needed to participate in Music Therapy!
Music is intrinsically motivating and rewarding, making therapy fun and engaging. 

The Seven Domains of Music Therapy:








Music Therapists work within these seven domains to first assess
and then develop specific goals and objectives that are tailored to
each client’s needs. 
Goals for the client might also come from information from the family, other therapists, behavioural
consultant, and/or the school’s IEP. The music therapist takes these goals and develops musical
interventions to address them in a fun and engaging way. 

Some typical interventions are:

SINGING to improve articulation and intonation
PLAYING INSTRUMENTS to improve fine and gross motor skills
GIVING CHOICES to improve request making
STOPPING and STARTING to improve impulse control and listening skills
RHYTHM to improve patterning and attention span 
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