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  • Emotional Awareness Emoji Song!

    A big goal we work on with our clients is to help increase their emotional intelligence. This is a huge life skill that even I struggle with sometimes! How am I feeling? How should I express that in an appropriate way? Am I just sad because I’m actually hungry or tired? (Usually yes)! How is *that* person feeling? Emotional intelligence is a complex, multifaceted bundle of socio-emotional skills. However, we can target emotional intelligence step by step! The first step is to be able to identify emotions – and here’s where our new song, “Feel Me Maybe” comes in!

    This song teaches 10 common emotions in a fun and engaging way!

    Using music to teach important life skills is kind of my jam, and hopefully you’ll be jamming out to this lyric rewrite! Using familiar melodies also helps to grab attention and solidify learning faster. In addition to the 10 feelings shown in the song, it also validates that ALL feelings are okay. It also introduces the concept of a visual emotion choice board.

    Visual Choice Board for Emotions

    I hope you will be able to use this song purposefully at home, in school, or in sessions! Check out the full video here:

    “Feel Me Maybe” Full Video