• Interactive Technology for Lessons!

    What an awesome week for interactive music learning tools!  My very favourite company for Piano Apps, Joy Tunes, released their new app called Piano Mania – Practice Game.









    You can download it here:

    Or read more about it here:

    I am recommending it to all my piano students!  It takes you through leveled exercises, learning the notes on the staff starting with middle C and all the way up to reading both hands.  And, as always, it works with a REAL piano!!

    And guitar players, I haven’t forgotten about you! I just discovered that my favourite company for Guitar Apps, Ovelin (check out Wild Chords if you haven’t already – has an online interactive guitar learning system!! It works with a REAL guitar through your computer’s built in mic, and makes learning chords and notes feel like you are playing a video game.  It’s easy to sign up, and you can play for free five minutes a day plus bonus time!

    Check it out at

    I’ve been playing it non-stop!

    Happy Practicing!

  • iPad!

    So I’m very excited to tell the world… I got an iPad yesterday! I feel like I have finally joined the twenty first century!  I am so excited to use animated pictures on my iPad to replace my huge binder of static image PECS!  There are so many great music education apps as well.  Of course, the first app I downloaded was Garageband!

    While I was searching for apps I found one that I just had to share – it is called the “Piano Summer Games” which is just in time to go with the Olympic games!

    Check it out in the iTunes store by clicking here.It involves choosing either archery or volleyball and a national anthem (it has tons to choose from) – then, using an on screen keyboard you press the corresponding key as the arrow or ball reaches the line, teaching rhythm, coordination, key recognition and tracking skills!  The best part is you can use the on screen keyboard OR set it up to use on a real piano!

    Hope you enjoy!  I plan on letting all my students play in the next couple of weeks.  I know some of my kids will pick up the national anthems by rote really quickly too!

    I’m sure this will be the first of MANY app recommendations so check back soon!