Hello! I’m very excited to have a new video tutorial + resource idea video up for you today on YouTube! The song is by one of my current favourite artists, Lizzo, and is called Truth Hurts! (I’m sure you’ve heard it AND I bet your clients have been asking for it!)

Link to YouTube Video

Now, I have changed the lyrics to this song a little bit to make it more about a friendship relationship versus the romantic relationship breakdown that she sings about. I think it’s more accessible in a group setting to be talking about friendship relationships, ie. what makes a good friend? And keep the group mood a little bit lighter. However, if you had a one to one client who really loved this song and was going through a romantic relationship breakdown, I think this song would be great with the original lyrics.

For the PDF with the adapted lyrics, chords, strum pattern AND lick: Click HERE

You only need 2 chords on the ukulele for this song! I actually went over these chords in my last video for Hotline Bling which you can check out HERE if you need some extra help with the chords.

The chords are 4 beats each:

And the strum pattern I like for this song is:

Now another thing you could do for this song is actually play the lick, the bassline that starts this song. And it goes throughout the whole song!

I also demo in the video teaching the lick in note names to your client – I demonstrate on a pentatonic xylophone but if you had a group boomwhackers or hand chimes would be great as well!

Teaching clients to play a musical phrase themselves targets a TON of goal areas; listening skills, teamwork, fine or gross motor skills, patterning and hand/eye coordination!

Hope this helps you integrate some cool new songs into your sessions and gives you some ideas on how to use it to reach your client’s goals effectively!